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House of Lords Business

See what is going on in the House of Lords today, as well as what has happened since June 1998. This includes the relevant Order Paper, Minutes of Proceedings, questions tabled and edition of House of Lords Business. These documents can also all be downloaded.

Minutes for 15 November 2017


Item number 4
Fourth industrial revolution A question was asked by Lord Holmes of Richmond and answered by Lord Henley. (at 15:06)
Item number 5
English Churches and Cathedrals Sustainability Review A question was asked by Lord Beith and answered by Lord Ashton of Hyde. (at 15:14)
Item number 6
West Papua A question was asked by Lord Harries of Pentregarth and answered by Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon. (at 15:21)
Item number 7
Saudi Arabia and Iran A question was asked by Lord Luce and answered by Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon. (at 15:30)
Item number 8
Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill [HL] Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon moved that it be an instruction to the Committee of the Whole House to which the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Bill [HL] has been committed that they consider the bill in the following order: Clauses 1 to 4 Schedule 1 Clauses 5 to 41 Schedule 2 Clauses 42 to 47 Schedule 3 Clauses 48 to 53 Title. The m… Item text truncated - open link to view full item text (at 15:37)
Item number 9
Zimbabwe Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon repeated as a ministerial statement the answer given to an Urgent Question in the House of Commons. (at 15:38)
Item number 10
Data Protection Bill [HL] The bill was further considered in Committee, beginning with amendment 93A. Amendments 94, 95, 96 to 102, 103 to 106, 109 and 110, 112, 113, 114, 116 to 118, 120 and 121, 122 to 124, 125 to 127, 128, 129, 131 to 133, 133ZQ, 139, 140, 141 and 142, 143, 147 and 148 and 149 to 151 were agreed to. The House resumed after clause 114 was agreed to. (at 15:53)
Item number 11
Finance Bill Lord Bates moved that the bill be now read a second time. After debate, the motion was agreed to and the Committee was negatived. Then, Standing Order 46 having been dispensed with, the bill was read a third time and passed.
Item number 12
The Draft Finance Bill 2017: making tax digital for business (Economic Affairs Committee Report) Lord Turnbull moved that this House takes note of the Report from the Economic Affairs Committee The Draft Finance Bill 2017: making tax digital for business (3rd Report, Session 2016–17, HL Paper 137). The motion was agreed to. (at 21:15)
The House adjourned at 9.16pm until Thursday 16 November at 11.00am.
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Item that is new or altered.
[I] Indicates that the member concerned has a relevant registered interest.
* Item is an oral question.
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