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House of Lords Business

See what is going on in the House of Lords today, as well as what has happened since June 2017. This includes the relevant Order Paper, Minutes of Proceedings, questions tabled and edition of House of Lords Business. These documents can also all be downloaded.

We're showing you business for the Minutes section for 15 June 2021 as the Divisions section does not apply to this date.

Minutes for 15 June 2021


Item number 2
Children with genetic conditions: specialist support A question was asked by Baroness Eaton, on behalf of Lord Farmer, and answered by Baroness Berridge. (at 12:06)
Item number 3
Private landlords: tenants with pets A question was asked by Lord Black of Brentwood and answered by Lord Greenhalgh. (at 12:17)
Item number 4
Armed forces: transition to civilian life A question was asked by Baroness Sherlock and answered by Baroness Stedman-Scott. (at 12:28)
Item number 5
British Airways and Ryanair: customer refunds A question was asked by Baroness Randerson and answered by Baroness Vere of Norbiton. (at 12:39)
Item number 6
Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill [HL] Lord Dholakia presented a Bill to raise the age of criminal responsibility. It was read a first time and ordered to be printed. (HL Bill 31) (at 12:50)
Item number 7
Modern Slavery (Amendment) Bill [HL] Lord Alton of Liverpool presented a Bill to prohibit the falsification of slavery and human trafficking statements; to establish minimum standards of transparency in supply chains in relation to modern slavery and human trafficking; to prohibit companies using supply chains which fail to demonstrate minimum standards of transparency; and for c… Item text truncated - open link to view full item text (at 12:51)
The House adjourned. The House resumed. (at 12:52)
Item number 8
Ethiopia Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon answered Questions on an answer to an Urgent Question on the deteriorating situation in Ethiopia, asked in the House of Commons on Monday 14 June. (at 13:01)
Item number 9
COVID-19 update Lord Bethell answered Questions on a Ministerial statement on the COVID-19 update, made in the House of Commons on Monday 14 June. (at 13:12)
The House adjourned. The House resumed. (at 14:04)
Item number 10
Skills and Post-16 Education Bill [HL] Baroness Berridge moved that the bill be now read a second time. After debate, the motion was agreed to and the bill was committed to a Committee of the Whole House. (at 14:09)
The House adjourned at 8.09pm until Wednesday 16 June at 12 noon.

Grand Committee

The Grand Committee met in Moses Room at 2.30pm.

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Item that is new or altered.
[I] Indicates that the member concerned has a relevant registered interest.
* Item is an oral question.
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