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House of Lords Business

See what is going on in the House of Lords today, as well as what has happened since June 1998. This includes the relevant Order Paper, Minutes of Proceedings, questions tabled and edition of House of Lords Business. These documents can also all be downloaded.

Minutes for 20 October 2021


Item number 6
Gambling Commission: data A question was asked by Lord Foster of Bath and answered by Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay. (at 15:06)
Item number 7
Regulation of Property Agents Working Group A question was asked by Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town and answered by Lord Greenhalgh. (at 15:17)
Item number 8
Prime Minister: meeting with first ministers A question was asked by Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale and answered by Lord Greenhalgh. (at 15:25)
Item number 9
Shortages: protection for the vulnerable A question was asked by Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe and answered by Lord Callanan. (at 15:35)
Item number 10
COVID-19: Plan B A private notice question was asked by Lord Scriven and answered by Lord Kamall. (at 15:46)
Item number 11
Armed Forces Bill The Earl of Courtown, on behalf of Baroness Goldie, moved that it be an instruction to the Grand Committee to which the Armed Forces Bill has been committed that they consider the bill in the following order: Clauses 1 and 2 Schedule 1 Clauses 3 to 9 Schedule 2 Clause 10 Schedule 3Clause 11 Schedule 4 Clauses 12 to 15 Schedule 5 Clauses 16 to 26 Title… Item text truncated - open link to view full item text (at 16:02)
Item number 12
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill The bill was considered in Committee. Amendments were considered. The House resumed. (at 16:03)
Item number 13
Net Zero Strategy and Heat and Buildings Strategy Lord Callanan answered questions on a statement made in the House of Commons on Tuesday 19 October. (at 18:47)
Item number 14
COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America A question was asked by Baroness Coussins and, after debate, answered by Lord Goldsmith of Richmond Park. (at 19:24)
Item number 15
Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill The bill was further considered in Committee, beginning with amendment 12. The House resumed after amendment 21. (at 20:14)
The House adjourned at 10.30pm until Thursday 21 October at 11.00am.

Grand Committee

The Grand Committee met in the Moses Room at 4.15pm.

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