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House of Lords Business

See what is going on in the House of Lords today, as well as what has happened since June 1998. This includes the relevant Order Paper, Minutes of Proceedings, questions tabled and edition of House of Lords Business. These documents can also all be downloaded.


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Minutes for 7 November 2023


The House met at 11.30am pursuant to the prorogation of Thursday 26 October.
Item number 1
King's Speech The King being seated on the Throne, and the Commons being at the Bar with their Speaker, His Majesty was pleased to make a Most Gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, and then retired. (at 11:30)
The House adjourned. The House resumed at 3.30pm. (at 11:46)
Prayers were read by the Lord Bishop of Southwark. (at 15:30)
Item number 2

Leave of Absence The leave of absence granted to the following members was ended with effect from 26 October 2023: Baroness Ashton of Upholland Lord Browne of Madingley Lord Darroch of Kew Lord Mance

Item number 3
Leave of Absence Leave of absence was granted to the following members of the House for the remainder of this Session: Lord Barker of Battle Lord Barwell Lord Bates Baroness Campbell of Loughborough Lord Christopher Baroness Clark of Kilwinning Lord Collins of Mapesbury Lord Davies of Abersoch Lord Feldman of Elstree Lord Freud Baroness Fritchie Baroness Fullbrook Lor… Item text truncated - open link to view full item text
Item number 4
Select Vestries Bill The Bill was presented by the Lord Privy Seal (Lord True) and read a first time pro forma. (at 15:38)
Item number 5
King's Speech The Lord Speaker (Lord McFall of Alcluith) reported the King's Speech. Lord McInnes of Kilwinning moved that a Humble Address be presented to His Majesty as follows: "Most Gracious Sovereign, We, Your Majesty’s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, beg leave to thank Your Majesty for the most gracious Speech wh… Item text truncated - open link to view full item text (at 15:38)
Item number 6
Senior Deputy Speaker The Lord Privy Seal (Lord True) moved that Lord Gardiner of Kimble be appointed as Senior Deputy Speaker (Chairman of Committees) for this Session. The motion was agreed to nemine dissentiente. (at 16:38)
Item number 7
Stoppages in the Streets It was ordered that the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis do take care that the passages through the streets leading to this House be kept free and open and that no obstruction be permitted to hinder the passage of Lords to and from this House during the sitting of Parliament; or to hinder Lords in the pursuit of their Parliamentary duties on the Pa… Item text truncated - open link to view full item text (at 16:38)
Item number 8
Members of the House It was ordered that a list of members of the House, prepared by the Clerk of the Parliaments, be published. (HL Paper 1) (at 16:38)
Item number 9
Hereditary Peers: by-elections The Clerk of the Parliaments laid before the House, in accordance with Standing Order 9(4), a register of hereditary peers (other than peers of Ireland) who wish to stand in any by-election for membership of the House held in accordance with section 2(4) of the House of Lords Act 1999; it was ordered that the register be published. (HL Paper 2) (at 16:38)
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