Third Reading

  European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Lord Taylor of Holbeach signified the Queen's consent. The bill was read a third time.  Amendments 1 (see division), 3 to 6 and 10 to 13 were agreed to. Lord Callanan moved that the bill do now pass. Then Lord Adonis moved, as an amendment to the motion, at end to insert “and, in the light of the vital importance of the issues raised to the future of the United Kingdom, this House urges the Leader of the House to make representations to government colleagues to ensure amendments made by the House of Lords to the bill are considered as soon as possible." After debate, the amendment was withdrawn and the bill was passed and returned to the Commons with amendments.


These are the speakers who discussed the Item of Business:


These are the divisions that occurred during this Item of Business:

Division on Amendment 1
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Wednesday 16 May 2018
15:37 - 19:48