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Second Reading and Remaining Stages

  Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill Lord Bates moved that the bill be now read a second time. Then Lord Tunnicliffe moved, as an amendment to the above motion, at end to insert “but expresses grave concern that the Government agreed to accept, without detailed Parliamentary scrutiny, substantial measures that contradict both the United Kingdom’s stated negotiating position and commitments already entered into with the European Union; and that the bill introduces additional barriers to securing a United Kingdom–European Union customs union.” After debate, the amendment was withdrawn. Then Baroness Kramer moved, as an amendment to the motion that the bill be now read a second time, at end to insert “but expresses profound concern that the proposals in the Bill are based on the Government’s flawed commitment to leave the single market and Customs Union, that the Government have failed to produce a comprehensive economic assessment of the consequences for the United Kingdom’s economy of being outside the Customs Union, that they have sought to limit the role of Parliament, and in particular the role of this House, in the revision and scrutinising of the Bill, and that they have failed to provide an opportunity for the people of the United Kingdom to have a vote, prior to the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, on the terms of the new relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.” The amendment was disagreed to (see division). Then, the original motion was agreed to and the Committee was negatived. Then, Standing Order 46 having been dispensed with, the bill was read a third time and passed.


These are the divisions that occurred during this Item of Business:

Division on Baroness Kramer's amendment.
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Tuesday 4 September 2018
15:20 - 18:30