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Committee of the Whole House (subsequent day)

  House of Lords (Hereditary Peers) (Abolition of By-Elections) Bill [HL] Lord Grocott moved that the House do now again resolve itself into a Committee on the bill. Then Lord Trefgarne moved, as an amendment to the motion, at end to insert “but regrets that the bill has not been brought forward by the Government, in the light of its constitutional importance; and that the bill proposes piecemeal, rather than wholesale, reform of the membership of the House.” After debate, the amendment was disagreed to in accordance with Standing Order 53(2) and the original motion was agreed to. The bill was then further considered in Committee, beginning with amendment 11. Amendment 11 was disagreed to (see division 1). Amendment 12 was negatived. Amendment 15 was disagreed to (see division 2). Amendment 16A was negatived. Amendment 33A was disagreed to (see division 3). The House resumed after amendment 35A.
Friday 7 September 2018
10:05 - 13:34