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Committee of the Whole House (day 1)

  Trade Bill Lord Taylor of Holbeach, on behalf of Baroness Fairhead, moved that the House do now resolve itself into a Committee on the bill. Then Baroness Smith of Basildon moved, as an amendment to the motion, at the end insert “and resolves that the committee’s report be not received until Her Majesty’s Government has presented to both Houses proposals for a process for making international trade agreements once the United Kingdom is in a position to do so independently of the European Union, including roles for Parliament and the devolved legislatures and administrations in relation to both a negotiating mandate and a final agreement.” After debate, the motion was agreed to (see division). Then the original motion, as amended, was agreed to and the bill was considered in Committee. Amendments were considered. The House resumed.


These are the divisions that occurred during this Item of Business:

Division on Baroness Smith’s amendment
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Monday 21 January 2019
15:17 - 18:39