Motion for a Resolution

  High Speed Rail (West Midlands–Crewe) Bill Baroness Vere of Norbiton moved that if a bill in the same terms as those in which the High Speed Rail (West Midlands–Crewe) Bill stood when it was brought to this House in this session is brought to this House from the House of Commons in the next session—
(a) the proceedings on the bill in the next session shall be pro forma in regard to every stage through which the bill has passed in this session;
(b) any petition deposited against the bill in this session shall be taken to be deposited against the bill in the next session; and
(c) the Standing Orders of the House applicable to the bill, so far as complied with or dispensed with in this session, shall be deemed to have been complied with or (as the case may be) dispensed with in the next session.
The motion was agreed to.


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Monday 9 September 2019
18:08 - 18:09