Introductions, Oaths, Sitting Time

Oaths (taken on non-oath-taking days)

  Oaths and affirmations The following Lords took and subscribed the oath, or made and subscribed the solemn affirmation, and signed an undertaking to abide by the code of Conduct:
David Leonard Lord Stoddart of Swindon
Dawn Baroness Primarolo
Joanna Carolyn Baroness Penn
Dolar Amarshi Lord Popat
Alistair Maclean Lord Darling of Roulanish
Brenda Marjorie Baroness Hale of Richmond
Anthony Stephen Lord Grabiner
Robert Haldane Lord Smith of Kelvin
Michael David Lord Glendonbrook
Michelle Georgina Baroness Mone


These are the speakers who discussed the Item of Business:

There are no speakers for this Item of Business


These are the divisions that occurred during this Item of Business:

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Monday 13 January 2020
14:47 - 14:52