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General motion

Tuesday 21 April 2020 between 13:09 and 13:36

This type of business sits within the Business of the House Motions category.


Business of the House (Virtual Proceedings and Topical Questions for Written Answer) Lord Ashton of Hyde, on behalf of the Lord Privy Seal (Baroness Evans of Bowes Park), moved that, until further Order–
1. The following proceedings of the House may take place as Virtual Proceedings: Oral Questions, Private Notice Questions, Ministerial Statements, debates (but not decisions) on Statutory Instruments, Questions for Short Debate and motions for debate;
2. The procedure in Virtual Proceedings shall follow, so far as practical, procedure in the House save that–
(a) no member may participate unless admitted to the Virtual Proceedings; 
(b) the order of speaking in Virtual Proceedings shall be facilitated by the Chair; 
(c) the time allotted for Oral Questions shall be extended to 40 minutes to allow up to 10 minutes for each Oral Question;
(d) the time allotted to business in Virtual Proceedings may be varied by unanimous agreement of members taking part in the Virtual Proceedings; and
(e) Virtual Proceedings may be adjourned between items or classes of business at the discretion of the Chair.
3. A Virtual Proceeding may take place irrespective of whether the House is sitting that day;
4. A member may table one Topical Question for Written Answer in each week during which the House sits, and it is expected that it will be answered within five working days;
5. The provisions of this Order shall be applied in accordance with guidance issued under the authority of the Procedure Committee from time to time, which may vary the provisions of the Companion to the Standing Orders insofar as they apply to Virtual Proceedings.
After debate, the motion was agreed to.
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