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Question HL8046: tabled on 14 September 2020 and due for answer by 28 September 2020

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To ask Her Majesty's Government further to the Written Answers by {member id="4311" field="DisplayAs"}{/member} on 3 August (HL7029) and by {member id="4538" field="DisplayAs"}{/member} on 4 August (HL7031), what is the timetable for (1) their proposed interim reform of the law governing approved premises for marriages and civil partnerships, (2) the proposed limited reform and non-legislative options relating to religious weddings, and (3) the implementation of the provisions in the Civil Partnership, Marriages and Deaths (Registration Etc) Act 2019 for the introduction of an electronic system of marriage registration and the update of the marriage entry to include the names of both sets of parents of a couple.
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