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House of Lords Journal

The Journal is the formal and authoritative summary record of the proceedings of the House of Lords. Each Journal contains the attendance, minutes (including voting lists) and papers, along with some committee reports, for every day the House sat during a parliamentary session. Each sessional volume is indexed.

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Journal for 26 June 2012

Prayers were read by the Lord Bishop of Birmingham.

1 Baroness Kidron Beeban Tania Kidron, OBE, having been created Baroness Kidron, of Angel in the London Borough of Islington, for life by Letters Patent dated 25 June 2012, was introduced between Baroness Kennedy of The Shaws and Lord Laming, made and subscribed the solemn affirmation and signed an undertaking to abide by the Code of Conduct.

Select Committee Reports

2 Secondary Legislation Scrutiny
The following Report from the Select Committee was made and ordered to be printed:

5th Report, on the following instruments:
Draft Electricity and Gas (Energy Company Obligation) Order 2012
Draft Green Deal (Energy Efficiency Improvements) Order 2012
Draft Green Deal Framework (Disclosure, Acknowledgement, Redress etc.) Regulations 2012
Draft Green Deal (Qualifying Energy Improvements) Order 2012
Draft Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2012
Feed-in Tariffs (Specified Maximum Capacity and Functions) (Amendment No. 2) Order 2012. (HL Paper 22)

3 Human Rights
The following Report from the Joint Committee was made and ordered to be printed:

Implementation of the Right of Disabled People to Independent Living: Government Response to the Committee’s Twenty-third Report of Session 2010–12. (2nd Report, HL Paper 23)

Public Business

4 National Health Service: dental care A question was asked by Baroness Gardner of Parkes and answered by Earl Howe.

5 Rio+20 conference A question was asked by Lord Stern of Brentford and answered by Lord Taylor of Holbeach.

6 Child poverty A question was asked by Baroness Massey of Darwen and answered by Lord Freud.

7 Afghanistan: women's rights and the education of girls A question was asked by Baroness Williams of Crosby and answered by Baroness Northover.

8 Social Care Portability Bill [HL] Baroness Campbell of Surbiton presented a bill to provide for the portability of care packages to promote independent living for disabled persons by local authorities in England and Wales; and for connected purposes. It was read a first time and ordered to be printed. (HL Bill 32)

9 Administration and Works The Chairman of Committees moved that Lord McAvoy be appointed a member of the Select Committee in place of Lord Bassam of Brighton, resigned. The motion was agreed to.

10 Public Bodies (Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission: Abolition and Transfer of Functions) Order 2012 Lord Freud moved that the draft Order be referred to a Grand Committee. The motion was agreed to.

11 Social Security (Civil Penalties) Regulations 2012 Lord Freud moved that the draft Regulations be referred to a Grand Committee. The motion was agreed to.

12 Financial Services Bill The bill was considered in Committee. Amendment 5 was negatived. Amendments were agreed to. The House resumed after amendment 31.

The House adjourned at 10.06pm until Wednesday 27 June at 3.00pm.

Grand Committee Business

The Grand Committee met in the Moses Room at 3.30pm.

Groceries Code Adjudicator Bill [HL] The Grand Committee considered the bill. The Committee adjourned after amendment 36.

The Committee adjourned at 7.26pm.