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House of Lords Journal

The Journal is the formal and authoritative summary record of the proceedings of the House of Lords. Each Journal contains the attendance, minutes (including voting lists) and papers, along with some committee reports, for every day the House sat during a parliamentary session. Each sessional volume is indexed.

Journal for 7 November 2012

Prayers were read by the Lord Bishop of Norwich.

Select Committee Reports

1 Statutory Instruments
The following Report from the Joint Committee was made and ordered to be printed:

10th Report on certain statutory instruments, including the following affirmative instruments:
Draft Charitable Incorporated Organisations (Consequential Amendments) Order 2012
Draft Charitable Incorporated Organisations (Insolvency and Dissolution) Regulations 2012
Draft Civil Legal Aid (Merits Criteria) Regulations 2012
Draft Electoral Registration Data Schemes (No. 2) Order 2012
Draft Electricity and Gas (Energy Companies Obligation) Order 2012
Draft Green Deal Framework (Disclosure, Acknowledgment, Redress etc.) (Amendment) Regulations 2012
Draft Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (Amendment of Schedule 1) Order 2012
Draft Public Bodies (Abolition of the Railway Heritage Committee) Order 2013. (HL Paper 60)

2 Constitution
The following Report from the Select Committee was made and ordered to be printed:

The accountability of civil servants. (6th Report, HL Paper 61)

Private Business

3 Rookery South (Resource Recovery Facility) Order 2011 Lord Geddes, on behalf of the Chairman of the Joint Committee, reported that the Committee had adjourned until Wednesday 21 November, being the next date that the Committee can meet.

Public Business

4 Armed forces: Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012 A question was asked by Lord Empey and answered by Lord Astor of Hever.

5 Health: cancer A question was asked by Lord Hunt of Kings Heath and answered by Earl Howe.

6 Electricity generation A question was asked by Lord Tombs and answered by Baroness Verma.

7 United States: presidential election A question was asked by Lord Triesman and answered by Lord Wallace of Saltaire.

8 Civil Aviation Bill The report was received. Amendments were agreed to. The bill, as amended, was ordered to be printed. (HL Bill 52)

9 Wales: economy A question was asked by Lord German and, after debate, answered by Baroness Randerson.

The House adjourned at 9.20pm until Thursday 8 November at 11.00am.