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House of Lords Journal

The Journal is the formal and authoritative summary record of the proceedings of the House of Lords. Each Journal contains the attendance, minutes (including voting lists) and papers, along with some committee reports, for every day the House sat during a parliamentary session. Each sessional volume is indexed.

Journal for 11 January 2012

All statutory instruments laid before the House are accompanied by an Explanatory Memorandum presented by command of Her Majesty, unless otherwise indicated.

Command Papers

The following papers were presented to the House by command of Her Majesty:

1 Petroleum—Agreement between the United Kingdom and Denmark on the Reciprocal Holding of Stocks of Crude Oil and/or Petroleum Products. () (8259)

2 Northern Ireland—Agreement between the United Kingdom and Ireland relating to the St. Andrews Agreement. () (8260)

3 Taxation—Convention between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with respect to Taxes on Income and Capital gains, with Protocol. () (8261)

4 United Nations—Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Safety of United Nations and Associated Personnel. () (8262)

5 Air Services—Exchange of Notes between the United Kingdom and the United States of America amending the Agreement of October 2003 concerning the use of Wideawake Airfield on Ascension Island by Civil Aircraft not engaged in Scheduled International Air Services. () (8263)

Affirmative Instruments

The following instruments were laid before the House for approval by resolution:

1 Draft Local Authorities (Conduct of Referendums) (Council Tax Increases) (England) Regulations 2012, laid under the Local Government Finance Act 1992.

2 Draft Revenue and Customs Appeals Order 2012, laid under the Finance Act 2008.

Negative Instruments

The following instruments were laid before the House:

(1) Specified Products from China (Restriction on First Placing on the Market) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012. (47) (2) Libya (Asset-Freezing) (Amendment) Regulations 2012. (56)laid under the European Communities Act 1972.

Instrument not subject to Parliamentary Proceedings

The following instrument was laid before the House:

Closure of Prisons Order 2012, laid under the Prison Act 1952. (50)